Orientation Programme


College Student Advisor Scheme


College Student Advisor Scheme is an extension of the College's orientation programme to help the new students settle in their College life. A group of students will be matched with 1-2 advisors, who are College's staff members. Students can take this opportunity to seek advice from their advisors on any matters and explore the College life with other students.

All freshmen are required to join the scheme.




College Student Advisor Scheme Guidelines (English Version Only)



College Orientation Camp

College Orientation Camp aims at familiarizing new students the College life with a series of exciting activities and encounter of many new friends. In two days, freshmen will carry out diversified tasks such as “City-hunt”, “Campus-hunt” and mass games, along with the senior students in our College and university campus. The College will also organize Welcoming Session to send our warmest greetings and let every new student meet with the College members.


The smile and sweat throughout the event will paint a beautiful picture of your very first memory in the university. The peer bonding established in the camp will be your strong rapport in time of difficulties, passionate companion in time of joy, as well as lifetime treasure.



Important Messages to Freshmen

Student Handbook 2021-22 (English Version)

Non-local Student Guidebook 2021-22 (English Version)

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