Language & Aesthetics Programme

To enhance students' language proficiency, language programmes in both Chinese and English were organized every term. Interactive approaches are adopted to facilitate active learning of the languages and cultures in an authentic setting. The College also fosters students to appreciate arts and cultivate positive attitude. Drama, music and cultural events are some of the platforms to enrich students' aesthetic development.

Language Programmes

Upcoming College Language Programme in year 2020-21 include:

Term 1

  • Online Novel Writing Workshop
  • Online Social English Workshops

Term 2

  • Chinese Creative Writing Workshop
  • Chinese Painting Workshops
  • English through Wine and Cheese Appreciation
  • English through Sports

Chinese Painting Workshops


Chinese Calligraphy Class


Chinese Culture Table


English through Makeup


English through Music and Songs Appreciation


English through Wine and Cheese Appreciation


English through Nature and Bird Watching


Landscape Painting Workshop


Aesthetics Development

Thanks to the generous donation from Hop Wai Tong, the College has established “Hop Wai Art and Cultural Programme” with the aim to enhance the understanding of different art forms of College students and staff members through different activities such as workshops, seminars, exhibitions and demonstrations.

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The College also promotes the aesthetic atmosphere on campus through organizing various arts & cultural activities such as drama performances, violin recitals and cultural evenings, as well as encouraging students to initiate their own activities.


College has Music Society, which is formed by a group of passionate students. It aims to promote music and provide platform for music lovers to gather and perform. Students can also borrow various musical instruments and equipment such as keyboard, electric guitar, bass, drum, amplifier, etc from College for practice and performance.




The Drama Society seeks to initiate different drama production.  They entered CUHK Drama Competition for the first time in 2016 and won "Merit for Actor".  Their participation in 2018 also won them the "Excellent Set Design Award".


Cultural Events

A wide variety of cultural events are organized each year to nurture students' interests in new things and ability to appreciate different culture. For example, students can have a taste of Spanish, French and German culture through cooking class, language activity, movie night, etc.