Green Activities


Green Activities at Sunny Living Week 2019

Eco-hike @ Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve Visit to T-Park – A ‘Waste-to-Energy Journey’




College Office Recognised as one of CUHK's Competent Green Office 2017!

In 2012, The Chinese University of Hong Kong launched the Green Office Programme (GO!), a programme that aims to promote and institutionalize green office solutions.
Wu Yee Sun College Office participates in the programme every year, and has been recognized as one of the Competent Green Office for 6 consecutive years. We have shown our support in different areas including Energy Conservation, Waste Reduction, Green Purchasing and Awareness & Engagement, and joined hands with our students in living up our “Go Green! Be Sunny!” spirit.



Eco-Tour on Red Leaves - Photography Competition Result



Category: Ecology 生態攝影組

Champion 冠軍


LI, Tsz Kin   李梓健

(Government and Public Administration / 4) 

First Runner-up 亞軍

LAW, Yan Yue  羅欣瑜

(Geography and Resource Management / 4)

Second Runner-up 季軍


LUI, Cheuk Wing   呂卓穎

(Law / 4)

Merit Awards 優異獎





KWOK, Tsz Chiu  郭子超

(Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science / 1)


LAU, Wai Ting   劉慧婷

(Food and Nutritional Sciences / 2016)


Category: Activity Snapshot 活動花絮組

Champion 冠軍


CHAN, Shing Wai   陳成偉

(Engineering / 1)

First Runner-up 亞軍

YUEN, Hoi Man  袁凱敏

(Biology / 4)

Second Runner-up 季軍


LAU, Wai Ting  劉慧婷

(Food and Nutritional Sciences / 2016)

Merit Awards 優異獎








KWOK, Tsz Chiu  郭子超

(Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science / 1)


LUI, Cheuk Wing  呂卓穎

(Law / 4)


WONG, Ka Ying   王嘉英

(Liberal Studies / 4)


Sharing by College Green Team

(Green Team contacts: Facebook page /

The College Green Team has planted different edible vegetables and fruits, including papaya, cherry tomatoes, strawberries and lettuce, at our College rooftop garden since November 2014.  Before that, we have been working to improve the soil quality of the planting area for a year, turning it from a desert to a farming ground. It is amazing to watch the crops grow from young to mature.   We are always glad to share our harvest with all members of the College. We served the lettuce, harvested fresh, with different salad dressings near dinner time in January 2015. The overflowing freshness of the lettuce was indicated by the comments from most of the Sunnies, that even when eaten alone, the lettuce still tasted really good. We were all happy when we received the compliment as it recognised the results of our hard work. It is not easy to take good care of plants as required for their healthy growth because we are, from time to time, busy with our own studies. If you are interested in growing plants, do not hesitate to join us to share the happiness of farming!   Apart from organic farming, our team has also launched other green activities such as "Five-minute Shower Challenge" (沖沖5分鐘) and “Herbs Cooking" (香草新煮意). In the coming days, the Green Team will organise more activities for all College members and students. Stay tuned by reading the mass mail and posters at the College for the most updated information!  


Organic Farming at College Rooftop Garden


Sharing of Rooftop Garden Harvest with College Staff and Students


Visit to Organic Farm


Dolphin-watching Boat Trip


Documentary Screening: The True Cost

Other Activities:

Visit to Tsz Shan Monastery (慈山寺)

Visit to Zero Carbon Building (零碳天地)

Photosynthesis – Planting and Photo-taking Competition (花合作用-盆栽種植及攝影比賽)

Look Inside: Eco-tour to Frontier Closed Areas (闖入邊境禁區–文化・生態之旅)  



College's Participation CUHK Waste Audit Trial Scheme

In preparation for the government’s upcoming waste charging scheme, CUHK has successfully applied for the sponsorship from the Environment and Conservation Fund to implement a trial scheme on internal waste charging and waste auditing, which includes: tracking of waste generated from participating units, estimating waste charges and conducting regular waste audits. We aim to enhance our waste management strategies through the identification of the waste composition in our waste stream, thus, to assist us to reduce waste further. Wu Yee Sun College is one of the CUHK units participating in the waste audit trial scheme.  The trial is now in the stage of “Reducing Waste Disposal through All Users’ Efforts”.  We hope to have the input from every College member in waste reduction through promotion and education!

CUHK Waste Management Policy and Guidelines - 6R Principles (extract)  


  • Review consumption practices; think twice before buying and take note of materials discarded to explore ways to use them more efficiently.


  • Avoid making unnecessary purchases and forgo buying items with low quality/durability, toxic content or limited usefulness.


  • If printing is needed, in order to reduce wastage of paper, it is encouraged to adopt reduced and double-sided printing and to use print preview to confirm the print area before printing.
  • Go for items with minimal packaging.
  • Avoid food waste when dining or organizing events by not ordering excessive food.  Ask for ‘Less Rice’ if the food portion is excessive.
  • Avoid using disposable utensils and cutlery in your events. Bring your own container for takeaway food.
  • Reduce the use of toxic materials via choosing less toxic or non-toxic alternatives.


  • Donate unwanted items to others who can make use of them. Can Place them in the huts at Yard of Environmental Sustainability (YES).
  • Support CUHK’s ‘Bring Your Own’ campaign (e.g. bottle, food container, cutlery) to help reducing waste generation and disposal.
  • Instead of purchasing single-serving bottled water, ‘bring your own bottle’ and refill it at water dispensers. [Please refer to the University’s Water Dispensers Map for the locations of water dispensers]


  • Attempt to repair items by qualified technician before replacing them, whenever possible.


  • Place recyclables into the correct recycling facilities. Ensure the recyclables are free from contamination (one piece of contaminated item can lead to other recyclables inside the recycle bin no longer recyclable).
  • Support on-site composting at university canteens/restaurants by separating food waste properly.

 Check out more green tips at the website of CUHK Campus Planning and Sustainability Office and act now!  Go Green!  Be Sunny!