General Education Programme

The College aims to culture students with entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility, alongside with our College mission. All students at Wu Yee Sun College have to attend two College General Education courses – 'Entrepreneurial Spirit and Social Responsibility' (or ‘Hong Kong Story’*) and 'College Senior Seminar', and one non-credit bearing course 'College Assembly/ College Forum', which amount to six units in total.

In the first year course 'Entrepreneurial Spirit and Social Responsibility', students would be offered the opportunity to explore themselves, cultivate creativity, learn to be a servant leader and contribute to a sustainable society. They could also learn beyond the classroom through diversified activities and unique experiences. 

After four years of enrichment in the non-credit bearing activities including Forums and High Table Dinners, students would work out a proposal which  promises to bring social benefits to the community.

The College also offers other non-credit bearing General Education activities, such as talks, service-learning, student-initiated activities etc, to let students take part actively in learning activities based on the College motto 'Scholarship and Perseverance' and the mission 'Entrepreneurial Spirit with Social Responsibility'.

*For non-Cantonese speaking students only; open in term 1 only. GEYS

Programme Structure

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Social Responsibility

The first year course ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit and Social Responsibility’ comprises four components: (1) Individual, Society and University; (2) Servant Leadership of Integrity; (3) Building a Sustainable and Healthy Society: Everybody’s Business; (4) Creativity and Social Campaign.

3 - - -
College Senior Seminar

In the ‘College Senior Seminar‘, students have to design and plan, in small groups, innovative social ventures that promise to bring social benefits to the community.

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College Assembly / College Forum
Apart from the two credit-bearing courses, students are required to attend one College Assembly, one College Forum / High Table Dinner each term so that they have more opportunities to interact with distinguished speakers from different professions and academic disciplines.
All students are required to attend the College Assembly each term. Details could be found in the College Assembly Page.
Students should register one College Forum / High Table Dinner each term. Please visit the College Forum Page for details and registration.
Students are welcomed to attend more than one College forum / High Table Dinner . Interested students please contact the College Office at 3943 9769 or via email at .
Please submit your feedbacks on the College Assembly / College Forum / High Table Dinner to the College Office .