Creativity Programme

Nurturing Creativity

Our college mission is to cultivate creativity and enhance entrepreneurial spirit with social responsibility. A signature of the College is its Creativity Laboratory (c!ab), which is first of its kind in CUHK dedicated to creativity. Students are encouraged to develop self-initiated projects with project grants and resources supported by the College; while our College has been actively collaborated with different organizations to hold a variety of programs and events to enrich students’ vision and knowledge on creative thinking.

Creativity Laboratory


Creativity Laboratory (c!ab) is located in the middle of the College campus, representing College’s commitment in creating an intimate and dynamic learning atmosphere for students to develop the drive for creativity and innovation. To provide an encouraging and supportive environment to the students, c!ab is furnished with high-end facilities and equipment including iMac, photographic equipment and wood-working tools for students across disciplines to explore their ideas and transform them into reality. An online platform is also created for students to share innovative ideas with others anytime and anywhere readily, to form teams and to get support from the parties sharing the same interests.

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Joint Programmes & Events

Apart from the establishment of c!ab, the College has been dedicating to stimulate student's creativity by collaborating with different organizations to hold various programs such as TEDxCUHK, iStartup@HK Video Pitch Contest, VS Media company visit, Creativity talks (From Making to Entrepreneurship : the MIT way) and HK–Tainan Cultural & Creativity Exchange Programme to enrich their vision and knowledge on creative thinking.

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 Self-initiated Projects & Activities

The leading teachers, c!ab student conveners and other College students have also initiated a series of projects and activities over past few years, including Veggie Bouquet for Graduation, Black and White Film Development Workshops, Scented Candles Workshops, In Dialogue with Mr. Chow etc.

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Veggie Bouquet for Graduation

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Black and White Film Development Workshops

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Scented Candles Workshops

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In Dialogue with Mr. Chow

College Support

Our College has been devoted to boosts students’ enthusiasm in developing self-initiated projects, which are beneficial to the society with Entrepreneurial Spirits. A variety of funding schemes, such as “Sunny Passion Programme”, “Be Entrepreneurial! Funding Scheme”, “Service-learning Project Funding Scheme” and “Dorsett Young Entrepreneur Scholarship” are available for students to realize their project ideas from seeding phase to incubation status. Students are encouraged to proactively submit their proposals and seek the support from the College in terms of project grants, faculty resources and others.

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