Creativity Lab (c!ab)

A place to transform imagination into reality

The highlight of the College's learning facilities surely is the Creativity Laboratory (c!ab), designed to be an ideal playground of innovative ideas across a wide range of intellectual domains for students.



website_cab-structure-revised6c!ab is managed by a Management Committee formed by teachers and advisors across different discipline. With their diversified expertise, the Committee provides useful and practical support to c!ab including programme planning and professional guidance. In order to have a more refined workflow, c!ab has established five key focuses - “Arts & Culture”, “Science & Technology”, “Entrepreneurship & Management”, “Socio-Political Innovations” as well as “Design Thinking” with the support of experienced leading teachers assisted by student conveners.The advisors and conveners will hold various activities from time to time and other College students are also encouraged to initiate their own projects by submitting proposals to them through c!ab website for getting project grants and faculty resources.

Facilities & Equipment

c!ab is now transformed into a completely new creative playground with partitioning and malleability. Students are encouraged to exchange ideas and have brainstorming at the discussion zone with quite a number of books for inspiration; while the Sunnies can transform their ideas into reality through conducting experiments and working on their prototypes at the heave duty workstation.

Equipped with professional hardware including sewing machine, power drills, woodworking tools, 3Doodler, iMac, photographic equipment, multi-media software and advanced server set up, c!ab provides an ideal environment for the Sunnies to unleash their creativity and transform their vision into reality. c!ab is open 24-hour, allowing users to do brainstorming at any time.



Online platform and Facebook Page are also created for students to share innovative ideas with others anytime and anywhere. c!ab website

Programmes & Events

HK-Tainan Cultural & Creativity Exchange Programme

c!ab organized its first-ever exchange programme with the Institute of Creative Industries Design (iCiD) of National Cheng Kung University (國立成功大學) in Tainan last year. The Programme aimed to investigate the difference of creativity cultural industry development on Tainan and Hong Kong and how innovation city planning can help rejuvenate historical cities as both places are facing urban aging problems.


Please click here to learn more about the Programme.

Other Activities:

Night Talk on Innovation and Technology by Mr. Nicholas W. Yang (楊偉雄先生), the former Advisor to the Chief Executive on Innovation and Technology, current Secretary for Innovation and Technology


Art and Nature – Making use of the resources found in the nature, a series of activities have been staged to wake up the inner child of participants by reconnecting with the nature, which are listed in sequence as Singing Bowl Workshop, ZenPhotography Workshop, Sand Painting Workshop and Porcelain Painting Workshop.





Black and white Film development workshop, competition and exhibition


c!ab is pleased to announce the winners of the Film-Photo Competition themed “Light” as below:

image00003 Champion
jw-3213 002 1st Runner Up
image00002 2nd Runner Up

Veggie Bouquet 2019


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