Service-Learning Programme

Service-Learning Programmes

“Nurturing students through assuming social responsibility” is one of our College’s educational goals. Thus, it has been our priority to create opportunities for students to engage in social services. As its name suggests, “Service-Learning” projects provide students chances to learn through serving others. The aim of the programme is to broaden the horizons of College students and to foster their commitment to serve the local, regional and international communities, leading to sustainable personal growth and development. Thanks to Hong Kong Shun Lung Yan Chak Foundation Limited and Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation, our student delegations have been to Myanmar, Cambodia, Tainan and mainland China to carry out service programs designed by them to spread love and care.


 Service-Learning Trip to Cambodia X Project Little Dream

This inspired me that there is a real importance to build health facilities in rural area, or at least equip people with skills to manage health themselves. Though it is a long way to go, I hope that I will have opportunity to make part of the contribution in future.

--  Jojo, Lau Hiu Ching (Public Health/ Yr3)


Service-Learning Trip to Cambodia 2015

Treading on the bones in the Killing Field, I dropped tears, which I never expected I would have on the foreign soil. Sitting among the homeless, I tried my utmost to let my love reach them through my palms. Those were the moments I know I should fight against inequality.”

-- Chan, Ching Shun (English Studies and English Language Education/Yr3)


In addition to offering help to the needy, participants can also experience the lives of the service targets and local customs through non-local projects. Having organized the Service-Learning Trip to Sichuan for four years since its establishment, the College makes effort to develop a sustainable service-learning programme and provide continuous support to the primary students in rural Sichuan. College  students do not only demonstrate their abilities to plan, organize and deal with unexpected situations during the English teaching program but also reflected and gained deeper understanding of the difficulties faced the local left-behind kids.

A Service-Learning trip may not change the life of our service targets. We believe, more importantly, a seed is planted in our students, the leaders of our future society.