Student Activity Highlights

Our students enjoy plenty of opportunities to develop leadership and sharpen organization skills through practices. They organize a wide varieties of events for their peers to strengthen cohesion and bonding within the College. College Anniversary celebration and Art Festival, the student-led activities, serve as platforms for students to achieve their potential and have fun together!


College Anniversary - all CUHK students and teachers were celebrating WYS anniversary together! Students initiated and put in a lot of effort to realize their creative ideas, making our campus filled with joy and excitement! Under the nurture of College with Spirit “Go Green, Be Sunny”, students have attached much importance to environmental protection and social responsibility. In the Sunny Festival, students tried to incorporate these values to the event. They rented cutlery from social enterprise, which helped to reduce a significant amount of waste and provide job opportunities to the company’s senior employees.





Art Festival (Sunny Yeah) - the Singing Contest let students unleash musical potential while students followed the strong or soft music to dance at the Ball.