Hostel Introduction


The College hostels can accommodate 604 students in 302 twin rooms.  The Sky Garden on 5/F as well as the common room with balconies on each floor are great places for residents to socialise.

Hostel facilities include:

  • In-room Air-conditioning
  • Wi-Fi Coverage
  • In-room Internet Access Point (ResNet)
  • Laundry Rooms on 9/F of East Block and B/F of West Block
  • Common Room on Every Floor with Television, Drinking Dispenser (Cold/Hot Water), Induction Cooker, Iron, Iron Board and First-Aid Box
  • Vending Machines on 5/F 
  • Tuck Shop run by Resident Association on 5/F of West Block; Check their Facebook page for operating hours
  • Mailbox, Entertainment and Rest Area at G/F Lift Lobbies

Do bring your own bedding items and kitchen utensils as appropriate!

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  Further information and hostel updates can be found on the "Hostel Events, Hostel News and Information for Residents" page!