House of Sunny Living

The establishment of “House of Sunny Living” is Wu Yee Sun College’s new initiative for promotion of healthy living style. It aims to transform our students into a positive and radiating energy force to make the world a better place. Our whole person approach starts with helping students to discover their passions, dreams and sense of purpose in life so that they can form their own identity and develop a character of integrity and perseverance.

The House adopts a holistic three-pronged community approach integrating three dimensions of “health and spiritual well-being”, “sports for life” and “go green and lead the society” to target the well-being of the body, mind and spirit of our students and encourage their contributions to the environment and society.

The following three facilities are in the House to allow students to conduct different kinds of healthy activities: The Lounge, Full Sea-view Gymnasium and Multi-purpose Sports Room

>>The Lounge

Opening hours 9am - 10:30pm

The Lounge not only provides an intimate environment for relaxation, it is also equipped with AV equipment to allow students to enjoy relaxing music. Here, you can write down your dreams and inspiration on the dream wall. Students are most welcome to come to relax and mingle with your friends.

[Maximum Capacity: 15]


>>Full Sea-view Gymnasium

Opening hours Closed

The gymnasium overlooking Tolo Harbour is the perfect place to keep both body and mind fit. Please access the gymnasium by CU Link Card; First-time users please bring along your CU Link Card and CUHK Fitness Room User Card issued by the PE Unit to the College Office (Room G03, G/F, East Block) for registration.

[Maximum Capacity: 15]

[Due to the latest development of COVID-19 pandemic, College Gymnasium will be closed from 7 January 2022 until further notice. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.]

>>Multi-purpose Sports Room

Opening hours By Booking

The Multi-purpose Sports Room provides an excellent place for you to practise dancing, yoga and conduct any other healthy activities. dsc_4266  

By establishment of House of Sunny Living, we hope that our Sunnies could lead healthy and sunny lives at our Wu Yee Sun Campus.

[Maximum Capacity: 10]


Creativity Laboratory

Opening hours 8am - 2am

The highlight of the College's learning facilities surely is the Creativity Laboratory, designed to be an ideal playground of innovative ideas across a wide range of intellectual domains for students. The c!ab is just the right environment for students to unleash their creativity and transform their vision into reality.

Maximum Capacity: 20

College non-residents can access College facilities from 9:00am to 10:30pm.

Learning Facilities

Opening hours 8am - 2am

Learning Commons  The College boasts a spacious learning commons where students will find a cozy venue to complete course work . Its smartly designed discussion areas are the perfect venue to complete group projects. The study room and seminar rooms are no mere generic, traditional classrooms, but carefully purpose-built to ensure effective learning.

Remarks: User guides on printer use at the Learning Commons can be downloaded here.


[Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Learning Commons is partially open until further notice. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.]

College non-residents can access College facilities from 9:00am to 10:30pm.

College Theatre

Opening hours By Booking

Students with theatrical interests, College theatre is definitely the first place you want to visit on campus.  Equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia facilities for ceremonies, teaching and learning activities, the 130-seater College theatre also serves as an ideal venue for various performances, such as dramas and talent shows.

Central Courtyard

The central courtyard with amphitheatre is where intelligent conversations are held. It is also the focus for College activities, with the hostel and residents as its dazzling backdrop.

Terrace of Dreams

Facing the Tolo Harbour, the podium at Wu Yee Sun College enjoys a picturesque view with Pat Sin Leng and an immense statue of the Goddess of Compassion on the left, and Ma On Shan on the right.  Founding College Master Professor Rance P.L. Lee named the podium "Terrace of Dreams" to echo with Lake Ad Excellentiam of Chung Chi College.  He hopes that everyone can make their wishes on the terrace and achieve their goals through creativity, love, passion and perseverance. Thus, “not completed” dreams will eventually be realized.

Hostels Facilities

Student bedroom

The College hostels can accommodate 600 students in 300 twin rooms, all air-conditioned and equipped with Wi-Fi coverage. The Sky Garden on 5/F as well as the common room with balconies on each floor are great places for residents to socialise.

Non-Resident Halls

Commuter students, though not living on campus, can still enjoy their campus life at their second home - the full sea-view Non-Resident Halls where they interact with fellow students and participate in various hall activities.

East Block Non-Resident Hall is operated by Non-Residents Association.  Please check their Facebook Page or email them at for opening hours and activities.

West Block Non-Resident Hall is open from 9am to 10:30pm.  Non-residents please access by CU Link Card.

[Maximum Capacity: 10]


College Catering Outlets


The College Student Canteen, Staff Dining Room and Café are for College and CUHK staff and students.

Opening hours are as follows: 

Student Canteen (LG/F, West Block)
Monday to Saturday
8:15am - 8:30pm (Last order for dine-in service is 5:30pm)

In accordance with the government’s social distancing measures in view of latest epidemic situation, dine-in service at Wu Yee Sun College Student Canteen will be suspended after 6:00pm with effect from 7 January 2022. The dine-in and takeaway arrangements are as follows:

Breakfast : 8:15am – 11:00am
Lunch : 11:00am – 2:00pm
Tea : 2:00pm – 4:30pm
Dinner : 4:30pm - 8:30pm (Last order time for dine-in service is 5:30pm. Only takeaway service will be provided after 5:30pm)

Sunday and Public Holidays : Closed

Café (G/F)
Monday to Friday 
10:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays : Closed

Staff Dining Room at Wu Yee Sun College are temporarily closed until further notice. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Temporary Closure of Wu Yee Sun College Student Canteen and Café during Lunar New Year Holiday

Wu Yee Sun College Student and Café will be temporarily closed from 31 January to 6 February 2022 (Monday to Sunday) for Lunar New Year Holiday. Thank you for your kind attention.



Visitor's Flats


The College offers 4 en-suite Visitor's Flats for rental.  CUHK staff or CUHK departments/units are welcome to make reservations for their official visitors.  

Info Sheet:  

Booking Form:  

Enquiries: Mr Ron Wong (T: 3943-9769 / E:


[Due to COVID-19 pandemic, The booking of Visitor's Flats is temporarily suspended until further notice. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.]