Student Pastoral Care

"Meet with Dean" Lunar New Year Lunch


Let’s have a reunion lunch with our Deans of Students. While we celebrate an auspicious year ahead, you are also welcome to share any thoughts about College life!


Date: 6th Feb

Time: 12:30pm

Venue: College Staff Dining Room



Enquiries: Miss Sonia Yu (3943-3937 /

 Dean of Students' Hour



“Meet the Dean” Hours is a regular time schedule particularly for you to talk directly to the College Dean of Students on any matters you feel interested or concerned. The session is hosted by:

  • Professor Man-hong Lai  (黎萬紅教授), College Dean of Students and Associate Professor of Department of Educational Administration and Policy
  • Professor Ming-kay Poon (潘銘基教授), College Associate Dean of Students and Associate Professor of Department of Chinese Language and Literature
  • Dr. Po-kin Leung (梁寶建博士), College Associate Dean of Students and Lecturer of Department of Physics

Every Sunnie is welcome! 

Academic Year 2017-18

Date: Every Wednesday

Time: 4:30 – 5:30pm

Venue: Dean of Students Office, Room UG09, Wu Yee Sun College

Enquiries: Miss Sonia Yu ( / 3943 3937) / Miss Katie Yu ( / 3943 3935)

University's Student Support

If you encounter problems of various types and would like to seek advice and support from the University, you may approach the University's Student Counselling and Development Service at 3943 7208 for help. A 24-hour Emotional Support Hotline is also launched to assist all CUHK full-time students in need of emotional help. The hotline is operated by trained counsellors from Christian Family Service Centre which offers telephone counselling and crisis interventions. You are welcome to call when facing emotional distress and critical situations. The hotline number is 5400 2055.