• Precious Plastic

    A team formed by our Sunnies with their friends named “Precious Plastic”, aims to raise public awareness on plastic waste issue by building plastic upcycling machines, with the support of the College "Be Entrepreneurial!" Funding Scheme.

  • Knowledge Vending

    The Silver Award project of the College’s Sunny Passion Programme 2015-16 which aims to enhance students’ civil awareness by producing a machine with a question bank of global issues and displaying impressive photos and statistics.

  • V'air

    The idea of “v’air” is to establish an Airbnb-style platform that encourages local travel by allowing individuals and groups to list local tours available and offering various incentives to attract people to spend their money and holidays locally in order to lower the carbon footprint generated by flights.

  • CUHK Store

    The team developed a group-buying platform which tried to explored more small shops engaging in local production. They hoped to offer more choices to students and let them learn more about local production. Ultimately the general public can have a deeper understanding about the production process and achieving ethical consumption.

  • HK-Tainan Cultural & Creativity Exchange Programme

    The Programme was commenced with students participation in The International Conference of Culture and Creativity (ICCC) 2015. Our Sunnies  learnt how creativity and innovation city planning and design could help rejuvenate historical cities and tried to apply the knowledge to current HK situation.

  • Samsung Solve for Tomorrow App Development Competition 2015

  • House of Sunny Living Open Day

  • Recycling App - Duo-la