Funding Schemes to Students


Encourage and support students’ self-initiatives for learning and exposure


Exchange, Entrepreneurship, Service-Learning


Every WYS student can apply

Be Entrepreneurial! Funding Scheme


Great news!!! The maximum funding amount has been increased to HK$20,000! The funding scheme supports short-term student projects that will realise the College’s core values of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and social responsibility. All undergraduate students, regardless of discipline and year of study, are welcome to submit application all year round. Project duration is flexible, but usually under a year. The range of project ideas is wonderfully broad: it can be a campaign promoting glass recycling in Hong Kong, an informal investigation into the living conditions of illegal immigrants in Sham Shui Po, production of a novel, local adoption of Bertolt Brecht’s sarcastic play The Threepenny Opera, and so on.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Ms. Florence Tsui

3943 9767

Global Learning Award Scheme

Global Learning Award Scheme

Global Learning Award Scheme aims to encourage students to create, design, plan or participate in non-local academic or experiential learning programmes, in order to broaden students’ international perspectives and enrich their experiences. The quality of the proposals and applicants’ track records are the main considerations in evaluating applications. This Scheme is divided into Short-term and Long-term Scheme. Students successfully selected by the Scheme will be awarded the Global Learning Award. The maximum award amount varies for programmes of different length and nature.

Students are highly recommended to tailor make your own learning program, which refers to the “self-initiated programmes”, to meet your personal desire and need. If you are attending cultural tours,  summer schools, picking up a foreign language by taking overseas course, committing in research work or internship program, participating in an organized expedition and etc. , you are eligible to apply for the Scheme as “participating in organized programmes”.

  Programme Length Programme Nature# Maximun Award Amount*
Short-Term Shorter than one month Self-initiated programmes HK$12,000 or 100% of particular items (whichever is lower)
Participated in organized programmes HK$5,000 or 50% of particular items (whichever is lower)
Long-Term One to Six months Self-initiated programmes HK$15,000 or 100% of particular items (whichever is lower)
Participated in organized programmes

#Programmes organized by the College and Term-long Exchange Programmes will not be considered for this scheme.

*Particular items include registration/ programme fee to join the applied non-local programmes, round-trip transportation and local accommodation of the applied programmes ONLY.

Note: Comment from College Exchange Committee members on proposal of self-initiated programmes could be sought by sending request to The request shall be made at least month before application deadline together with submission of the completed proposal, budget plan and application form.


Service-Learning Project Funding Scheme


The College Service-Learning Project Funding Scheme, is part of the “Yan Chak Service-Learning Programme”  which aims to broaden the horizons of College students and foster their commitment to serve the local, regional and international communities, leading to sustainable personal growth and development.

Service-Learning projects initiated by one or a group of College students or co-organized by College students and external organizations, are both welcome for application of the Funding Scheme.

If you have any ideas about organizing any short-term or long-term Service-Learning projects, don’t hesitate to apply for our Service-Learning Project Funding Scheme. Take the initiative to make your Service-Learning projects come true! Talk to Katie ( / 3943 3935) if you have any enquiriesy


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact


3943 3935

Sunny Passion Programme


Have some ideas in mind? Ready to change the world (maybe by changing yourself first)?

Sunny Passion Programme invites all WYS students to submit the proposals that echo the following core values of the College: Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility. Each enrolled team collaborate to enhance the practicability of project. It is not merely a competition, but also an exchange of ideas! Gold Award: HK$10,000 Silver Award: HK$6,000 Bronze Award: HK$4,000  

Creativity: Any wild thoughts are welcome!
Social Responsibility: Create positive social impact with your innovative ideas!
Collaboration: All enrolled teams, WYS and other CUHK students will render feedback to help you refine the ideas!

Express your ideas into a proposal with your ingenious creativity, and make our society a better one!   Programme Structure Programme structure

Eligibility: All WYS students can apply individually or in group (A group MUST comprise of at least 50% WYS students and the other 50% may be students from other colleges.)


List of Awardees for Sunny Passion Programme 2016-17

Awards Awardees Projects Project Objectives
Gold Chung Sum Yue (GRMD/2)
Li Suet Ying (CHLL/3)
Lui Wai Shan (CHLL/2)
Yeung Tsz Chun (GRMD/4)
Venture Hong Kong

A project proposed by V’air Hong Kong targets at educating secondary school students to discover the inherent assets of Hong Kong and acquire low-carbon living

Silver Li Wai Kit (IBBA/4)
Wong Enoch Yat Long (PACC/4)
Wong Hiu Chun ( SEEM/4)
Wu Philemon (QFIN/4)
Yung Ue Chun Danny ( IBBA/4)
Five vs Wild

To investigate more on the insect eating habits globally and give suggestions on how to educate the community and promote the overall consumption of insects in WYS & HK

Bronze Hui Nam Chung (ECON/4)
Jim Lik Fu (GLEF/4)
Kwong Tsz Tung (ECON/4)
Lam Man Chung (SEEM/4)
Li Hiu Tung (GLEF/4)

To develop a mobile application that promotes occupational health by regularly exercising


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Ms. Carly Lau / Ms. Florence Tsui

3943 3988 / 3943 9767

Self-Motivation Fund for Sports Activities


 Self-Motivation Fund for Sports Activities encourages students to participate in various kinds of sports events or competitions, in order to live up the spirit “Sports for Everyone”.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Miss. Sonia Yu


Dorsett Young Entrepreneur Scholarship

<Extend the Application Deadline to 13 February, 2018>

Share your Idea and Rocket to Success!


Great News!!! With the generous support of Dorsett Hospitality International, a new award Dorsett Young Entrepreneur Scholarship (DYES) is available. Each recipient/group will be offered up to HK$80,000, which is subjected to the total number of applications, with 2-4 quota per year.

Dorsett Young Entrepreneur Scholarship aims at providing students, who are year 2 or above and preferably have exposure to Mainland China, an opportunity to demonstrate entrepreneurial talents with innovative ideas to set-up their own business, targeting Hong Kong and/or the Mainland China market. Complimentary office space, mentoring and coaching from Dorsett senior management may be provided if consider appropriate. 

Please download the guideline to get more details. Should you be interested in setting up your own business, please submit the application with the executive summary and business model canvas on or before 13 Feb, 2018.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Ms. Florence Tsui